Fast-forward to 2019 and I find out on Facebook that Janette had become a Muslim…and I was so happy for her! Knowing Janette as I do, this could only mean that she had found that soul-deep connection for which she had been searching. I was so excited to hear—WHAT HAPPENED!? Because Janette is no shrinking violet. She is tough! There is no way someone else could convince her to do anything she didn’t want to do! If anything, she is a desert rose; someone who has flourished in the harshest of conditions. When Janette called to tell me, she was so nervous because she didn’t know how to explain what had happened. She was more surprised than anyone else! Imagine her surprise when I answered the phone with, “Assalamu ‘alaikum, sister!”  So, how did this white Aussie country girl find her heart in Egypt? 

Imagine watching a little girl get dragged alongside a school bus screaming for help and no one hearing her. Imagine hearing of this little girl, now 16 years old, being raped and abused by someone she trusted, causing her to go in and out of violent relationships and finally left to raise five children by herself. You would forgive her for attempting suicide to escape the pain. But she survives and ‘soldiers on.’ And just when it seems she is getting ahead in life; she suffers a horrendous motorcycle accident and almost loses her leg. How heartbreaking to have a fighting spirit so strong, yet continually getting hurt. Imagine then, how inspiring it would be to meet this little girl, now a single mother of five, at a business function and hearing how she is trying to become a successful businesswoman to prove her worth to herself.



This is not a religious book, it’s a spiritual book. This is not a book about Islam, it’s a book about connection. This is not a book that is trying to convince you of anything, it is a book that will give you the freedom and permission for you to live your life any way you choose. In her first book Janette Martin details her entire life journey through the trauma you have read about above, to the place of deep connection and peace that she enjoys now. And she was more surprised than anyone, that as a white Aussie country girl, she found her heart in Egypt.


Muslim @ Heart is available for purchase on the Amazon store. Simply click the link and follow the prompts!



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